Golden Apple Award: Valley Point Elementary’s Kristy Townsend


DALTON, GA (WDEF) – Kristy Townsend’s family has attended Valley Point Elementary School for generations. That’s where she learned to do her best every day and always keep a positive attitude. Now, she’s passing those lessons on to her students.

Alison Finley is Principal at Valley Point.

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She says, “We love Mrs. Townsend. She is so much fun to have on our staff. She is one of the hardest working teachers that I have ever worked with. She goes above and beyond and does anything that she is asked to do, while still keeping a smile on her face.”

When asked to describe herself, Ms. Townsend says, “I think I am a hard worker. I try every day to do my very best. I tried to teach my kids that in the classroom. I teach my kids that at home, and I just believe that you should do your very best. And if you’re going to come to school, put on your happy face and do your job and do your very best at everything that you do.”

Principal Finley adds, “Her mother went to school here. She went to school here. Her children, both her boys, go here. And now she teaches here.”

Kristy’s son Tucker says, “My mom is awesome. She is like a superhero. She teaches in the morning, always making sure that we wake up on time.”

He other son Ty adds, “She teaches students, and she is one of the most coolest moms.”

Tucker chimes in, “I mean, in the afternoons, she is a also mom, because she is always out there playing with us in the cold, or the heat. She has just always been there for us and I know she always will be.”

Kristy says, “It does mean a lot to me. My mother went here as a little girl. All of her 13 brothers and sisters went here. I went to school here. This is where I decided, I want it to be a teacher when I grow up.”

As for her inspiration, Kristy says, “Her name is Susan Booth,  and she was a kindergarten teacher here when I went to school here, and actually, I got to work with her a couple of years before she retired. Why teach? Why not teach really. I mean you really get to do the greatest job. I get to dress up. I get to do just about everything that I’ve always wanted to do. I get to play. I get to inspire. I get to get inspired every day. It’s just the greatest job on earth.”



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