What’s Right With Our Schools: Howard Lacrosse


CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) -A good education is all about learning new things. Lacrosse is a relatively new sport at Howard, but it’s already opening up a wide variety of educational opportunities for Hustlin’ Tigers who decide to pick up a stick.

Ricky Jones is the Head Lacrosse Coach at Howard.

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He explains, “If you are not exposed to it, you don’t have a reason to associate lacrosse with Howard High. At the same time, that is what education is. It’s exposure to things that you have never been exposed to before, so you can honestly prompt you to do more than you actually thought you could.

He adds,  “My whole goal was to make sure that I had experts at the sport come in and train up the students that wanted to participate.”

Annteria Evans is a Senior at Howard.

She says, “Lacrosse is so abnormal I think. It’s like very different. You pick up a stick and you have a ball in it. You run with the stick keeping it in the net and you have to throw it.”

Coach Jones adds, “Once I got it going, I figured out that there were actually people looking for lacrosse players. And honestly, the lacrosse players they were looking for were of color. The sport of lacrosse opens up many doors for post high school opportunities.”

Annteria says, “Howard is trying to be different. Howard is trying to change and grow, and they are trying to make the students have different opportunities. I felt like lacrosse is the biggest opportunity that I have seen possible, these four years that I have been here.”

Coach Jones, concludes, “We had about six schools, none of them in the Tennessee area,  reach out to me about my seniors. They didn’t say what’s your record. They didn’t say how good are your kids. They said, “Do you have these particular students?” I said yes. And they say it if they are willing to commit to the sport, we would like for them to come to our school and play for us, and we will give them money to do so. I just can’t keep telling them that you can do this. I can’t just keep showing them the TV or the article in the magazine. I have to be able to the show you that this is actually what it is. And there are people that look like you,  out here doing the same thing. They might not be close to us in this area in Chattanooga, but we can be the trend setters to get it going.”

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