Veterans make sure Wreaths across Chattanooga goes as scheduled


CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- A recording breaking 14,994 wreaths for Wreaths Across Chattanooga have been delivered.

“It’s an honor to serve other veterans who sacrificed so much,” said Carter.

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Throughout the day, Wreaths have been laid at numerous Tombstones at the Chattanooga national cemetery, but before they could be placed they needed to arrive from Maine.

Krystal Carter and Terry Ray Jeans were two of the drivers who made it happen.

“Detail and mission oriented, get it there, get it there, and mission accomplished,” said Jeans.

“It’s mission accomplished, just drive, drive, drive, and be as safe as possible to get him here,” said Carter.

Both are former veterans and said being able to deliverer the wreaths is something special for them.

“We were told it was up to 11 inches coming and it was 600 miles from Allentown to get the wreaths and it’s 27° weather kept coming all the way down we were getting sleet ice but we’re just barely heard of it,” said Jeans.

They drove from Maine to Chattanooga in a 1,900 mile trip. Mother Nature also played a factor as they were racing against the clock and a snowstorm.

Both refer to it as one of their greatest accomplishments since leaving the military, not only for completing the trip on time, but for what completely the trip meant.

“While I was there and I got several awards from the military since I got out this is probably one of my greatest accomplishments,” said Jeans.

“It’s an honor to be able to serve other veterans that sacrificed so much and gave so much for us,” said Carter.