Latest: Covid case increase in northwest Georgia, except in Dade Co.


ATLANTA (WDEF) – Even as the first doses of a vaccine rolls into Georgia, the Department of Health reports that Covid-19 cases continue to rise at record-breaking levels.

Their 7 day average of new cases last week jumped 18% from the previous peak back in July.

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“These weekly increases may appear small, but they reflect our highest case numbers ever, and are not decreasing or leveling off day to day. (their use of bold type)

Just about every county northwest of Atlanta is continuing to see more new cases.  Only Dade county registered a drop last week.

Across the state, a record number of people are in hospitals with confirmed Covid-19 infections.

To show you how big the jump in cases has been:

early November: less than 2,000 daily infections

mid December: more than 6,000 daily infections