Holiday Delivery Costs and Delays


A combination of the holidays and the covid-19 pandemic means more people are purchasing gifts by mail.

An announcement made by the United States Postal Service in August may begin to resonate businesses during the holidays.
U.S.P.S. issued a temporary price increase that took effect October 18th and slated to end by December 27th.
The decision was made in an effort to “protect the retail consumer during a vulnerable economic period”.
The price change only effects business customers.
News 12 reached out to one business owner who declined to go on camera but tells us that shipping cost are forwarded to customers without a profit being made. We asked folks what they think.
“I believe that the prices are always worth what we go for” said Lindsey Davidson walking out of the postal office in East Ridge.
While Davidson is satisfied, viewers expressed their cost and shipping frustrations on Facebook saying they’re cost we’re surprisingly high and deliveries were delayed.
“Right now we’re paying for people to keep us close to family even at a social distance” said Davidson.
The U.S. Postal Service referred News 12 to a webpage that states December 14th-21th is expected to be the busiest week of the holiday and shipping season.
The link also provides 2020 holiday shipping deadlines for expected delivery by Christmas Day.
The latest possible day is through is December 23rd by Priority Mail Express service.
Here is the link for more information:
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