TECH BYTE: Top Tech Gifts for Christmas


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — You’re running out of time to get those holiday gifts.

It looks like it’s going to be a good Christmas for gamers. They have a lot of options for their wish list this year.

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“The Oculus headsets, virtual reality headsets are becoming a really hot item this year,” said Nathan Roach, General Manager for Best Buy. “It’s really a way to get immersed into the video game completely, and not just using a controller, where you really feel like you’re in the game, which is pretty awesome.”

And not to mention the next generation consoles – the PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X and S.

Roach says they sold out of the consoles pretty quickly during the preorders earlier this fall.

If you want one, you’ll likely have to find it online.

The games and accessories are easier to find in-store.

“We do have access to the games, the controllers, and the extra accessories that go with them,” Roach said. “So even if you found a console somewhere else, or maybe you’re able to get it at Best Buy, we’re still able to get you the things you need to go with it.”

In addition to that gaming gear, Roach says a lot people are looking at do-it-yourself home security tech.

But, obviously, not to keep Santa from visiting your house.

“A lot of people are still adding things like video doorbells, additional cameras or security systems to their homes. And there’s even a lot of neat technology that people don’t think about. Like, we even have sensors that allow you to detect if you have water leaks in your home. Those are great gifts for maybe parents or grandparents, just to make sure they stay safe, and they don’t have a big leak, or something like that.”

Roach also recommends connected locks, which allow you to get in your house without a key.

The Blink Home Security System is another option.

“It is actually a wireless, true wireless camera system that actually takes two AA batteries, and you can get up to a two-year life out of it,” he said.

Blink can give you alerts on your phone, and the cameras can even work with an Amazon Echo Show if you have one.

As for smartphones, Roach says the iPhone 12 is the one to have this year. You just have to decide which one you want.

“There’s quite a few models you can choose from – everything from the super small mini iPhone 12, all the way up to your iPhone 12 Pro Max,” Roach said. “Those are great phones. They have some of the best cameras, screens that have been out there, and it’s really, really, really a great improvement over last year’s iPhone, as well.”

Roach says they’re running promotions every week in the store.

Go to each day to see which “hot deals” are available.