Gestamp creates 260 new jobs after $95 million Chattanooga investment


CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- Gestamp is expanding for the third time in the last ten years in Chattanooga.

Gestamp will be investing $94.7 million into Chattanooga and will create 260 new jobs.

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“Gestamp has been in Chattanooga for about 10 years now and we’ve grown from Our initial first hiring of 200 employees to 1200 and this latest expansion will increase our jobs by about 1/3,” said John Cloutier.

“We continue to be excited about what Gestamp has done in the community. They have three facilities here they employ over 1,000 people and they’ve partnered as well with our local school systems,” said Charles Wood.

Gestamp said this expansion will help create an advancement of car equipment for Volkswagen.

“So we have had some great opportunities with our customers in the southern US region as Volkswagen is launching their electric vehicle with our new hot stamping technology we are built to be able to produce automotive components that are lighter and safer than previous versions of the components,” said Cloutier.

“Volkswagen’s electrification project for Chattanooga has special meaning if you think about the legacy of Chattanooga, working to clean up the air pollution,” said Wood.