Four Fires This Week in Walker County Caused by Heater Equipment

Walker County Fire & Rescue

Fire Officials in Walker county say there is a correlation with an increase in fires and colder weather. There have seven fires this past week in Walker county. The most recent fire happened Wednesday morning at a house on West 8th Street in Chickamauga.

While investigations of three of the fires are ongoing, four have been concluded as accidental, resulting from heat equipment. Thankfully, no injuries or deaths were reported. However, Walker County Fire & Rescue officials are urging the community to follow safety protocols during this cold weather.

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“Three of the houses have totally been consumed by fire, total loss. During the cold weather months, people try to stay warm and they don’t use proper safety measures as needed. Main thing, proper clearance for the portable space heaters, to only use electronical devices in a way that are designed, and use smoke alarms safely,” says Scott Forrest, Asst. Fire Marshal for Walker County Fire & Rescue.

The Assistant Fire Marshal recommends having a three to five feet of distance from all directions from space heaters and equipment. Walker County Fire & Rescue does provide free smoke alarms and installations.

Reporting in Walker County, Bekah Birdsall, News 12 Now.