Mom To Mom – Calm Your Kid’s Senses with a Sensory Bottle


We’re going to make something to help calm your kid’s senses at bedtime. Kids can go through sensory overload throughout the day. They’re on their computers, their cell phones, an iPad, whatever it may be, watching TV. They just experience a lot of it throughout the day. When it comes to bedtime, it’s hard for them to unwind. That’s why this glowing sensory bottle is perfect for helping them calm down in the evening.

It’s super easy to make. All you need is some baby oil, or you can have mineral oil, some glitter, and oil candy coloring. It’s kind of like food coloring, but it’s oil-based so it kind of just has a little bit thicker texture to it when we’re going to make our bottles. Last but certainly not least, we have glow in the dark stars that we have.

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First, you want to fill your bottle with baby oil, not all the way to the top because we still need to leave room for the stuff that we’re going to put in there. Next we’re going to use our oil candy color. You can put however much you want in there. Then, I want to have a little fun and put some glitter in there just to make it super sparkly, but you again can do it however you like. And then last, I like to put the mini stars in there. They’re the glow in the dark ones.

Once you’re finished, you can top it off with more baby oil. Then you want to make sure that you super glue the lid on. That way your kids can not unscrew it and you’ve got a big mess in your bed. If your kids are ever having a hard time falling asleep, just hand them this sensory bottle, have them count the glowing stars and watch them fall fast asleep. Hopefully.

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  • Mandy Williamson