Mom to Mom – Mummify Your Candles for a Spooky Halloween Look


Decorating for Halloween is so much fun, and we look for really fun things to do with the kids. This Do-It-Yourself project with candle holders is really fun and super easy and really inexpensive. All you need to do is go to the Dollar Tree. This beautiful candle holder is just a dollar. You can find all your stuff there. Then you’re going to need some gauze, which is really inexpensive as well, some googly eyes, also you can get at the Dollar Tree, some crafter’s tape. You can also use a glue gun, but we like crafter’s tape because it gets messy with the glue gun, and five-year-olds can work this really well. And then you want to find some tea lamps, which you can get at Walmart or any store, really.

That’s when you start to build your little mummy candle. Basically, you take your candle holder and the gauze, and you just start wrapping around it. The beauty with gauze is you don’t really need any tape. It just sticks to itself.

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Next, we’re going to add our googly eyes. Tape the back of the eyes, and then post it right onto your mummy candle holder. Then you take your tea light and just put it in there. And then it glows beautifully at night when you’re sitting at home and enjoying a movie or whatever it is that you’re watching on TV. And you have these beautiful, cute Halloween candles.

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This idea we just love so much. It’s a really inexpensive way to just enjoy and decorate for Halloween. If you have any tips, we’d love to hear them. Share them on our Facebook page, and be sure to check out our Mom To Mom page for more tips.

  • Mandy Williamson