Flu Shots for Senior Citizens


HIXSON, Tenn. (WDEF)-  Flu shots have been in high demand all across the country.

The North Georgia Health District that serves Cherokee, Fannin, Gilmer, Murray, Pickens, and Whitfield Counties has already surpassed their numbers from last year.

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Ashley Deverell, the North Georgia Health District’s Immunization Coordinator says, “The state of Georgia has made additional flu doses available. So far in Whitfield County, we’ve already given over 2,600 flu vaccines which is good for us, it is more than we did last year.”

For people over the age of 65, officials suggest that you ask your pharmacists for the high dose flu shot.

Deverell says, “It’s an option out there for those that are over 65. Medicare and those type of insurances would cover it. Basically, it is the same four strains of flu that everybody gets when they get their regular flu shot. But, what it does is it’s supposed to give you an added boost, an immune boost.”

The North Georgia Health District says that they have both the regular and high dose flu shots available.

However, there may be a shortage of the high dose at your local pharmacy.

Jordan Morrison, a Pharmacist at Access Family Pharmacy, says that they have been getting regular shipments of both vaccines.

But, there has been a supply shortage because of the demand.

Morrison suggests that if your pharmacy does not carry the high dose shot then you should get any flu shot to protect yourself.

Jordan Morrison adds, “If you choose to wait and go back and get it as soon as it is available, but, with holidays and everything coming up and life just being busy, the COVID world that we are in now, if you are not going to be back, it is recommended that you go ahead and get the shot that is available, that way you get something and you are protected.”

The North Georgia Health District will offer another drive thru flu shot clinic on October 27th.

They plan on having both shots available.

Access Family Pharmacy on Hixson Pike says that they have both COVID and flu tests as well as flu shots. The pharmacists does suggest that you call ahead of time.