Possible HCSO Top 12 most wanted fugitive sighting in Harrison


HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – A Harrison woman spotted a man in her yard and then finds out he could be one of Hamilton County’s Top 12 most wanted fugitives.

It happened on Tuesday afternoon down Greenwood Road.

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Gina McDaniel was at her home on her treadmill when something unexpected occurred.

“My dog must have sensed something and came running around the side of my house and she just stood right by the window where my treadmill was and started barking,” McDaniel said.

She said she first thought her Doberman, Reese, was barking at a deer, but then she said she saw a man standing in her driveway in her back yard.

“At first I was a little startled, of course, because you don’t expect to see someone coming out of the woods in the back yard, but I started to go to the door, and thought no let me stay right here and I asked who he was, then I knew something was not right. He was not supposed to be where he was,” McDaniel said.

She said she asked him to leave.

Eventually, he did, and while he was leaving she snapped a photo.

It was that picture that helped her realize that the man in her yard may have been Steve Randell Travis.

Travis is wanted on multiple criminal charges.

The Sheriff’s office posted on Facebook that Travis had been spotted over the weekend in Birchwood and shared a picture.

It was a picture of a man that that looks very similar to the one in the picture McDaniel took.

She said she called the sheriff’s office after a friend sent her a picture shared on social media of Travis.

“When she sent me the picture I instantly knew it was the same man that was in my yard yesterday,” McDaniel said.

“I just want people to be aware and keep an eye out for him.”

If you think you know where Travis is the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office is asking you to contact your local law enforcement agency or the HCSO Fugitive Division at 423-209-7140.