Cleveland’s Halloween Block Party is changing, but not cancelled

CLEVELAND, Tenneessee (WDEF) – A lot of Halloween plans are changing this year because of the pandemic.
For instance, the City of LaFayette is cancelling their Scare on the Square this year.
But Cleveland is keeping the largest Halloween tradition in our area, the annual block party.
Organizers have announced they are reimagining it for 2020.
The block party is turning into a Trick or Treat Stroll instead over two days.
It will be on Friday and Saturday (Oct 30-13).
Trick or treaters will “stroll” along the the Courthouse Square area, First Street Square, Museum Center, and the Old Woolen Mill.
The treats will come to you on the sidewalk, along with street musicians.
“Everyone is invited to trick-or-treat throughout downtown at local businesses, retailers, and restaurants for the Mars Wrigley candy giveaway.”
And they encourage you to wear a mask.. a Halloween variety pershaps?
“In a year with so many cancellations, it is exciting to announce an alternative plan that continues to offer children a safe choice for trick-or-treating,” said Sharon Marr, MainStreet Cleveland executive director.
“It was a difficult decision to change the long-standing tradition of the Halloween block party; however, everyone involved in planning the event place health and safety as the highest priority” continued Marr.
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