Mom To Mom – Mom Hacks


Here are three really easy, simple life hacks that will make being a mom so much easier. First, the sponge ice packs. They’re inexpensive and they don’t get as cold as a regular ice pack. Stick it in water, squeeze it out, and then pop it right in the freezer.

Next, we’ve got an easy access cup. How many times those kids come and ask you for a cup out of the cupboard? They can actually get it themselves. All you do is put a magnet on the back, which you can get these magnets pretty much anywhere. Peel it off, and then stick it right on your cup, and then stick it on the refrigerator. Simple as that.

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The last hack is a bathroom organizer for the kids. This is really inexpensive. It’s a silverware holder, and little did you know, that they actually make these to fit any drawer. This can go right in that bathroom drawer and you can organize it just how you want it. I like to put their toothbrushes in it because it separates them. You know, we don’t our toothbrushes touching. And then you can stick other things in here. You can get that at the dollar store. Super easy, inexpensive, great hack.

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  • Mandy Williamson