Chattanooga City Council to vote on correcting error in FY21 budget


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – While the Fiscal Year 21 budget passed in June, officials said that what was passed wasn’t what was presented to city council.

“We have made a mistake. A human error was made and we need to correct it,” Chattanooga Chief Operating Officer Maura Sullivan told city council members during a committee meeting Tuesday.

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So, the city is looking to change page 69.

That page of the passed budget holds the general pay plan for employees.

“It contains increases in some pay, but not for all. It is a draft document. It is a working document, and it was the wrong document, and we attached it,” Sullivan said.

The budget presented to city council members was said to have been a balanced budget.

But, Sullivan said that the pay plan actually puts the budget out of balance.

“We told you that there would be no increases in pay this year and in an effort to balance the budget at this time of reduced revenues and that of course is what we need to do,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan said they were able to catch the error before implementing it.

She said they’re still on the Fiscal Year 20 pay plan.

City council members will vote on amending the budget to make this change later this month.