Mom To Mom: Keep Your Child Occupied with Busy Bags


Here’s a better way to keep your toddlers busy with busy bags for your toddler. How many times have you been to a restaurant or to a friend’s house, or maybe you just have an important phone call that you have to get on, and that toddler of yours seems a little extra clingy? These busy bags for your toddler are super easy to create and it’s a better alternative to iPads.

All you’re going to basically need is just some fun things that you can find at any store or online. It helps them with their fine motor skills. You can put whatever you want in a bag. Today I’ve actually put in some fun things for toddler. You can do LEGOs building blocks, you can find those where they actually have to lace in, it keeps them busy.

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This bag, in particular, I personally love because it helps their find motor skills. Basically what I have in here are these little balls that you can get at any store, and then I have a little pincher. You can find these anywhere. And then I also have these cards that I printed out online. You can find them anywhere. You can get letters, numbers, whatever you want. Print them out, laminate them, however you want to do it. It’s up to you.

But what you’ll do is you’ll have the toddler just reach in and grab the balls and then trace the card. This really helps with their fine motor skills and it will definitely keep them busy. That’s why I love that one so much. But these toddler bags, these busy bags, are a wonderful option, especially if you’re going out, you’re traveling, you’re going to a friend’s house, or you just need a little extra time to yourself so they’re not so clingy.

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  • Mandy Williamson