Hargett reminds parents of hot car warning signs


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The hot weather is not over yet.

That’s why Tennessee’s Secretary of state stopped in Hamilton and Bradley counties on Tuesday to talk about protecting children in hot cars.

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Tests have shown that closed vehicles can get 19 degrees hotter in just 10 minutes.

Every year, there are dozens of stories about children dying in hot cars.

Secretary Tre Hargett is promoting the use of tags for rear view mirrors.

They remind the driver a child is on board.

“Many times when this get out of their routine that day, and just like that, they forget a child. So we wanted to have something they could see everyday..to remind them, and also good Samaritans ..when they are passing by..to be able to see that..and also take a role in protecting lives of these young ones.”

Secretary Hargett is also reminding area residents to register to vote or to update their registration.