Sisters celebrate great-grandmother, 19th amendment with inspirational socks


MCMINN COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Crescent Sock Company has operated in Niota since 1902.

It’s stayed in the family, and the sisters who own it and run it are the great grand-daughters of Febb Burn.

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“She was a school teacher. She loved to read newspapers. She was educated. When her husband died she ran the farm,” Crescent Sock Company President, CEO and Burn’s great-granddaughter Cathy Allen said.

“She was just a strong woman, and she knew if there was something that needed to be done she’d take care of it,” Allen said.

Over 100 years ago, Febb sent her son, Tennessee lawmaker Harry T. Burn, a letter encouraging him to vote for women’s suffrage, and Burn did.

He gave the deciding vote to ratify the 19th amendment.

Now, Febb’s great-granddaughters are giving some encouragement of their own.

They’ve created a line of socks in Febb’s honor called “Febb’s Boutique.”

Each sock shares a positive message to empower women, some personally picked out by them.

“Mine is, ‘be who you are and not who the world wants you to be,'” Crescent Sock Company Executive Vice President and Burn’s great-granddaughter Sandra Boyd said.

“That was one I found, and it just really touched me, because I just always try to be me, you know, and I just think that’s a good motto,” Boyd said.

They made seven different styles, each covered in colorful, floral print and one with yellow roses in support of women’s suffrage.

“Just very, very proud of what she did, what she accomplished and opened the door for so many women to do whatever they want to do,” Boyd said.

Through the socks, the ladies hope to inspire other women.

“That’s what we hope to do, honor Febb’s legacy, and what she did in her place in history and to inspire other women that come along behind her,” Allen said.

The new line launched just in time for the centennial of the 19th amendment vote.

The anniversary was on Tuesday.

They celebrated it at the Crescent Sock Company with their employees.

As for the socks, they go even further to help women.

A portion of the proceeds from the socks go to Awake Tennessee, an organization supporting women’s and kids’ equality.

The socks can be purchased on Febb’s Boutique Socks online shop.