Chattanooga Christian’s Covid-19 plans


Over the last few weeks, News 12 Now has visited local charter schools to learn how they prepared for the current Covid School year.

Tonight, we visit Chattanooga Christian School to listen to their start up plans.

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Chattanooga Christian President Chad Dirksie: “We are starting on August 18. We will have all of our students on campus. And again every student where They are wearing a mask and have 6 feet of physical distance around them. So we don’t feel like we need to reduce the number of students on campus every day. And that allows us to our students to be here at all five days during a week. That means we’ve had to do some creative rotation for classes so that we can keep only a limited number of students in each room.”

“We have a lot of large areas both inside and outside that are covered and climate control. We will spread students out and they can be in those areas as well. And again we will use those areas as teaching sessions and not just more free time. Now we are offering a continuous at home learning experience. So students can be on campus or at home. We purchase cameras and microphones so that a student who is at home can live can access live classroom activities synchronously. And all of our students and all of our faculty and staff are required to wear a mask at all times while they are inside during the school year. So we have students from three years old to the 12th grade all those students will be required to wear a mask. When students arrive on campus this year they will experience even that kind of entry different. Every student will go through a check and point where we will be evaluating whether they have done their medical screening, their daily screening at home before they arrive at school.”
“The system that we use will tell us if they are eligible to be on campus, ineligible or missing which means they haven’t filled out their screening and in that case they will not be able to stay on campus.”
“They’ll all enter in doors that are spaced out so that we don’t have long exams of students trying to get in I would student standing too close together for a long period of time. So this is a second grade classroom. Movement is a big part of our elementary school program; we want kids to be able to move and stretch out. This kind of seating allows them to do that. And a really, really, high-quality learning environment.”
“We are committed first and foremost to health and safety of our students and our employees. But we’re also really committed to the vitality of the relationship between the teacher and their student and their peers; in campus face-to-face as much as possible. And we like that to happen all year long.”