City, county public officials discuss alleged situation involving 911 worker’s appearance


HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – It was mentioned during a recent Chattanooga City Council meeting that a Hamilton County 911 worker was given a warning about her hair.

“She was called into the office and told she had to change her hair color due to policy and her hair should be a natural color,” Chattanooga City Council Member Anthony Byrd said.

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It was after that meeting, Hamilton County Commissioner Warren Mackey said that he got multiple phone calls and saw several social media posts criticizing the Hamilton County government.

“I felt concerned because one, I want to represent all of the people in my district and I want them and everybody else to be treated fairly. The other thing is the whole idea that county government was not doing their job,” Commissioner Mackey said.

Mackey brought up the incident during the County Commission meeting on Wednesday.

“I just wish that I had heard about it before and so with the urgency of today with our meeting being held, I just wanted her and everybody else to know, county government was not asleep at the wheel,” Commissioner Mackey said.

The commissioner asked county officials about the situation, and found that it would have to be looked into by the 911 center’s a Board of Directors.

“The county apparently they don’t believe they have any authority over it,” Commissioner Mackey said.

Still, Commissioner Mackey said he would like for the county mayor to speak with the head of 911.

“People need to be treated fair and in this day in age with the black lives matter movement in the media, it’s very important that at least the appearance of fairness take place and if people feel like we’re looking into it earnestly I think they’ll walk away feeling a lot better about it,” he said.

News 12 did reach out to the Chairman of the 911 center’s Chairman of the Board and the Executive Director for a comment, but have not heard back.