Will the pandemic tame the World’s Longest Yardsale?


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) What will you find at the World’s Longest Yardsale?

“Hey y’all, Travis here. We’ve got a wonderful spot for the 127. We have CBD oil. We have fried apple pie, peach pies, funnel cakes, 127 yard sale T-shirts, Hot dog T-shirts. And don’t forget the best hotdogs on the 127 right here on Signal Mountain.”

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The World’s Longest Yard sale is on this year, despite the pandemic.

It started this morning and runs through through Sunday.

Although it s best to bring a mask , a lot of people didn’t today.

But most did better at social distancing.

Some people are worried about large crowds, but our David Moore, who visited several sites on Signal Mountain, says he didn’t see crowds at most places.

But he talked to visitors from other cities and states.

Mary: We can’t wait, yeah. We can’t wait. We would have come yesterday, which I kinda think is the first day Of the sale. Busy and so here we are of the sale; busy and so here we are.

Mary: The weather is great. Yeah. That makes it really nice. It seems like maybe there is maybe a few less booths; that we haven’t been all the way out yet.

Natural Sound: Pensacola Florida, she’s from Alabama. Florida, Florida, Pensacola, and the one hiding over there is from Alabama. We’ve been coming for years. This is my mother she is 90 years old and she can knock your legs off. [Notes:Laughter] She does that to all of us. She is in good health and we just enjoy coming and this is all just family and friends.

Mary: It’s so much fun because, because being close we get to come and see everything. And if you say something sometimes if you don’t want to pay quite that price you can say I will be back tomorrow and just check again and there it is. You get a good deal.

Laura: And it just feels like kind of this old fashion slice of American pie. That’s what, it’s just fun. People, talk to people who have come all over the place and… yeah.”

The yard sale runs down Highway 127 through the Sequatchie Valley and over Signal Mountain and into Alabama.