Mom To Mom – Helping Your Teen Deal With Stress


Stress, depression, anxiety seem to be at an all time high with tweens and teens. Here are  three tips to help out with your kids.

First step is meditation. There’s two games that you can play for meditation. The first one is the four, four, four game. Breathe in for four seconds. Hold the breath for four seconds. Exhale for four seconds, and then you repeat that.

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The next game is the candle game. Light a candle. Let the child blow it out. Then relight the candle, have them take a step back and then blow it out again. Keep repeating that to see how far back they get with blowing out the candle.

Second tip is yoga. Yoga is a wonderful activity to do with your kids to help everyone relax. You can go to to find some poses.

The last tip is journaling. This definitely helps the child to slow down and put those thoughts that are just running around in their mind on paper to kind of help get it out.

If you have some suggestions that’s worked for your family, you can post it to our Facebook page, and be sure to check out our Mom To Mom page for more tips.