Pachyderm Club wears masks after Lincoln Dinner controversy


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – After the mask wearing flap Friday night at the annual Lincoln Dinner about mask wearing, there was no such controversy at Monday’s Pachyderm Club lunch.

The Republican club requested all members and guests to wear masks on Monday.

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That didn’t appear to be the case Friday night, as Republican candidates, like Bill Hagerty and Dr. Manny Sethi, took photos with supporters where there were no masks in sight.

Senator Todd Gardenhire was the speaker at Monday’s meeting.

But he didn’t go to the Lincoln Dinner, just to avoid the large crowd.

“I wear a mask to show my respect for other people. I wasn’t there Saturday night, what they did or didn’t do. I don’t know if they didn’t have it on while they were talking or they had it on the whole time. I have no idea, but I wasn’t there because I didn’t want to be in a big group.”

Gardenhire says he decided not to go, even after buying a table at Friday’s event.

Candidate Hagerty’s posted photos from the Lincoln Day Dinner.