Delayed Stimulus


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Recent negotiations at Capitol Hill could mean a second stimulus check is on the way.

But millions of Americans are still waiting on their stimulus check.

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Some reports say it could be the end of this year before they see any money.

“The thing that does bother me is when people started getting these stimulus checks, I didn’t receive one, says Austin Morin-Lara.

Morin-Lara says he’s reached out to the IRS numerous times but has found little to no answers .

“I answered to a bot basically that speaks for other people. You cant speak to anybody individually.”

Morin-Lara works in the health care field.

He says the stimulus check would significantly benefit him and his mother.

“It’s me and my mother at home. We’re trying to make ends meet. She’s doing what she can to keep the house up.”

So you’re still waiting on your stimulus check.

Here’s what you can do.

Make sure you’re eligible and have filed tax returns in 2018 2019.

You can go to I-R-S Dot gov to find out if you qualify for a payment.

You can also keep track of your stimulus check through this link.

Once you navigate to the “get my economic payment” and “get my payment” links you will have to provide some personal information.

Some personal information may include social security number, date of birth and address.