Chattooga County Sheriff says some employees have tested positive for COVID-19


CHATTOOGA COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) – The Chattooga County Sheriff has rearranged staff after some employees test positive for the coronavirus.

According to Sheriff Mark Schrader, 15 employees at the jail have either tested positive or have shown at least one symptom of COVID-19.

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He said those people are no longer working and are getting paid sick leave while quarantining.

To fill in the holes, the jail is being staffed by other employees like narcotic agents and patrol officers.

“Our deputies and employees have been 100% supportive of filling in those positions and I am extremely proud of the way they have all stepped up to help,” Sheriff Schrader said.

He said that the jail has been cleaned.

“The Jail has been sanitized by a company that has been trained by the CDC to sanitize. We are also utilizing other procedures that we have placed in effect to help limit contact and exposure,” Sheriff Schrader said.

As for the 33 inmates at the jail, they have not been tested.

The sheriff said their medical provider insists on not testing unless they become symptomatic.