Governor & Mayor accuse each other of playing politics over masks


ATLANTA (WDEF) – Both sides on Friday accused the other of playing politics over face masks in Georgia.

Governor Brian Kemp addressed the media for the first time since having the state file suit against Atlanta and its mayor for their mask mandate.

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“Some have decided to play politics by exploiting these difficult emotional moments for political gain.”

“Mayor Bottoms mask mandate cannot be enforced. Her decision to undermine economic growth is devastating.”

The Mayor appeared on the Today Show Friday morning.

She thinks it is not coincidental that the Governor filed his suit after she accused President Trump of violating the mask mandate on his trip to Atlanta on Wednesday. (The Mayor, herself, is one of several people mentioned as a possible Vice Presidential pick to run against the President).

Mayor Bottoms accused Governor Kemp of “putting politics over people.”

Meanwhile, the Governor is sticking to his decision to not mandate the wearing of masks.

“Now I know that many well intentioned and well informed Georgians want a mask mandate. And while we all agree that wearing a mask is effective, I’m confident that Georgians don’t need a mandate to do the right thing. I know that Georgians can rise to this challenge and they will.”

The lawsuit involves more than just the mask mandate, however.

It challenges the Mayor’s rolling back of restaurant reopenings.

Gov. Kemp concluded “Government is not going to be the answer to all people’s problems.”

Mayor Bottoms says “We’ll see him in court.”