Councilman: Youth Center needs better protection after scary crash


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A scary crash over the weekend has raised traffic safety issues at a Youth and Family Development Center in Avondale.

A car actually crashed into the building.

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Today Taylor Bishop talked to the city councilman who has been trying to get some improvements at the Center.

Councilman Anthony Byrd is speaking out about safety issues he sees with the Youth and Family Development Center in Avondale.

“We need to hurry up and get that corner slowed down, and also put more protection around the building.”

This comes after Chattanooga Police say Sunday, a two-car accident led to one of the vehicles crashing into the center.

According to police the car that crashed into the building was stolen and hit a mother and her child who were visiting from out of town.

“So myself and some other community members and put together a committee to just go over ways to ensure that we can give the community safety. That’s what’s first, you know! It’s sad that that young man stole the car and hit the building.”

Byrd says the city has been working with CDOT on traffic studies for that intersection.

“Unfortunately before the building was there kids walk back and forth. We’ve been trying to get Wilcox slowed down since I’ve been in office.”

Byrd says the Avondale YFD Center will also serve as a school bus stop in the Fall, which is causing concern.

“When I’m fighting in council to get the things that we need, I just appreciate the community staying with me and fighting with me to make sure that I’m able to give it what it deserves.”

In Avendale, Taylor Bishop News 12 Now.