The Blueberry Farm sees how much it’s valued after posting about robbery


LAFAYETTE, Ga. (WDEF) – The Blueberry Farm in LaFayette is a self-serve, you pick blueberry farm.

You simply take a bucket and fill it up.

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“It’s 10 dollars a bucket. This is the payment box and you just pay for how much ever you pick,” Blueberry Farm Owner Simone Kilpatrick said.

For around 24 years, Kilpatrick and her family have let people come and enjoy their fruits using the honor system.

“When we moved here the bushes were ready to produce and in a couple months people just came and started picking and it was just lovely,” Kilpatrick said.

But, recently, something unusual happened.

They posted on social media that someone had cut the lock to their payment box.

“We had seen somebody on our ring door bell come up and knock on the door and they left a note saying they had seen some young man in the field, so on and so forth. We have an idea of who it might be, but we don’t know for sure and it doesn’t matter. I just posted it because there was a sense of wrongness about something being broken into,” Kilpatrick said.

Kilpatrick said she doesn’t think the person got a lot of money, but said when she posted photo she was shocked by the response she got from people who frequent the farm.

“I didn’t realize how much they value this place. We’ve had people come out here for decades picking,” she said.

She said she believes people value being trusted.

And, over the many years, she said the overwhelming experience they’ve had is the goodness and kindness of people.

“Most people have been scrupulous. We’ve had people send us a check for a buck and a quarter saying I picked an extra quart and didn’t realize it. I got more than a gallon and they’ll put a check in the mail,” Kilpatrick said.

Now, there is a new lock on the box.

There are also other ways to pay instead of using cash.

As for the blueberries, Kilpatrick said that this has actually been the best season they’ve had in a while.

The Blueberry Farm is open every day except on Wednesdays.

They are located at 1363 Highway 151 in LaFayette, Georgia.