HCS board members, officials hear proposed reentry plan


HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – “This is probably for just about all school systems going to be the most difficult reopening that anybody has had opening and the most uncertain,” Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson said.

School officials and board members dove into the proposed plan to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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They held a meeting Thursday with only around 10 people in-person and the rest on Zoom.

Based on the reentry plan, students can choose one of three options to attend school.

They can enroll in HCS virtual school, sign-up for HCS at home learning with their enrolled school or be a part of HCS continuum where students follow the 4 phased school reentry plan which includes hybrid learning.

The movement from different phases will be decided by data including the number of active cases as well as absences.

Reopening task force co-chair Keith Fogleman said that looking at COVID spread only, right now they would be in phase 3.

“We would be in school, but we also recognize we’d have the potential for some of our schools to be closed as a result of having an infection in that school,” Fogleman said.

In the plan, there are face covering requirements with exceptions.

School board member Rhonda Thurman did not agree with requiring students to wear face masks.

“If parents want their children to wear a mask, let them. If they don’t, they shouldn’t, because the doctors both said this about, this is about keeping other people safe. Not students, but other people. The adults, the adults should take care of themselves,” she said.

“Is it going to be uncomfortable for students? Yes, It is. But we live in an uncomfortable world right now where things are changing not daily, not even by the hour, but by minute sometimes,” school board member Tucker McClendon said.

School starts August 12th.