Protests in residential neighborhoods


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – “In their cars blowing horns, they got out waving signs. One had a bullhorn. They were all chanting, just really disturbing the neighborhood,” Chattanooga City Council Chairman Chip Henderson said.

It was a protest in front of Chairman Henderson’s home last Wednesday.

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He said he called police.

Chattanooga Police said when they got there the protestors left after being told a few times to leave.

“If they want to protest me at city council I’m up for that all day long, but they don’t have any business at our homes and in our neighborhoods,” Chairman Henderson said.

Protestors took another demonstration to Chattanooga City Council Vice-Chairman Ken Smith’s Home.

An email from the group Concerned Citizens for Justice said they’re demanding the city divest from police and believe council is ignoring its constituents, “if we have to disrupt the dinner parties and family brunches of elected officials, so be it.”

“People have every right to peacefully protest but coming to my home is targeting my family, not peacefully protesting. There is nothing peaceful about creating fear in my children and my neighbors. If the protestors hoped this behavior would help move this discussion forward or make me want to want to work with them, they are wrong,” Vice-Chairman Smith said in a statement.

According to Chattanooga Police, it is not illegal for protestors to assemble in the street of a residential neighborhood.

Here is what could get you in trouble:

– Gathering on private property

Police said that you can be arrested if the the property owner files a complaint.

– Blocking a roadway

They said they do not need a complaint to arrest you or cite you for that.

– Using bull horns and honking vehicles

Police said that can be considered disorderly conduct.

While protestors are determined to get change, when asked if he feels like this is helping their cause, Chairman Henderson said no.

“It’s nothing more than bullying tactics. It’s trying to strike fear. I’m certainly not going to be bullied and I’m not afraid,” he said.