Chattanooga PARC hopes to start making recommendations in August


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – A question protestors are raising is who should police the police?

Chattanooga created an advisory committee to help do that, but the coronavirus has slowed their progress.

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Police Advisory and Review Committee (PARC) members still have some training to do.

What appears to be left is simulation training.

“Individuals are actually put in the same position as a police officer to make a determination on whether they would need to use deadly force based upon the training that they have received in the course,” Chattanooga City Attorney Phil Noblett said.

They still need that training course and then hope to be able to start making recommendations in August.

It will be the start of official action for the citizens oversight committee council members created over a year ago.

“Just so often a lot of times when things are rushed and the proper vetting is not done we end up in the situation that Chattanooga and so many other cities are in. So we just have to make sure that we do it correctly and we want to make sure that we give Chattanooga the best product as possible. So that’s what we’re doing now,” Councilman Anthony Byrd said.

Councilman Byrd is the chair of the council’s Public Safety Committee.

During their meeting Tuesday afternoon, council members had a lengthy discussion about the rules and abilities of the PARC.

The committee is tasked with reviewing citizens complaints and make suggestions.

“They do have the power to suggest reprimands, but like I said that word suggestion just doesn’t sit well with me. It is still ultimately up to the police chief,” Councilman Byrd said.

Public Safety Committee Chair explained that he would like for them to be able to do more.

“Chief Roddy is an awesome, awesome chief and I appreciate everything that he is doing to move this forward, but we want to give them more than just suggestion power. We want to give them the power to be able to let officers know that if you are being the bad apple in the bunch you will be removed,” Councilman Byrd said.

Council Members also want quarterly reports from the committee.