Commissioners and Activist Responds to Released Dash Cam Video

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- Some find the dash cam video of sheriff deputies making an arrest disturbing.
The May 23rd incident took a significant portion of today’s Hamilton County Commission meeting.
“I was appalled by what I saw” said Hamilton County Commissioner Dr. Warren Mackey.
Dr. Mackey also says the county spends a large sum of money on training to prevent these incidents.
“Even though they’re in stressful situations. We spend money to prepare them.”
“Sheriff Hammond told me last year that all of a sudden once that man or woman is in handcuffs, a whole different set of protocols kick in” said Dr. Mackey.
“That is terrorism that is domestic” said activist Marie Mott.
Mott questions the effectiveness of recent community discussions with Sheriff Hammond, “Even though he was on a panel with the Deltas trying to justify how he polices, this yet an example of why we are protesting .”
District Attorney Neal Pinkston released a statement Tuesday saying quote “what I saw in the videos was troubling. That’s why I’m requesting a thorough investigation.”
Sheriff Hammond also released a statement Tuesday saying quote “General Pinkston’s actions will improperly influence and sensationalize the events of this incident.”
Hammond also says that “I am not placing any of the deputies involved in this incident on administrative leave.”
General Pinkston requested the Tennessee bureau of investigation to investigate the incident displayed on camera.
“All I want is justice” said Dr. Mackey.
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