Social Media Do’s and Dont’s


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Social Media can be a useful tool if used correctly, but posting about someone can also get you in legal trouble. 

A Lot has gone on in the year of 2020, but most recently Americans are in an uproar over the death of George Floyd and racial relations in this country. 

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Business and Career Expert, LT Ladino Bryson, says everything you do online leaves behind a digital footprint.

“Post responsibly. There are so many ways that you can do that and still voice your opinion. The first amendment is very important. I believe everyone should be able to speak what is on their mind but it is going to be up to them to set settings to make sure they can do so,” says LT Ladino Bryson, career expert and CEO of 

Ladino Bryson says you should never post while in an emotional state, it’s better to wait until you have calmed down.

A public defender for the state of Georgia posted about a coworker on facebook and was placed on paid suspension until the investigation was complete. 

“So on Sunday I said no, no, no. If my clients have to answer your system then you need to answer to your own system. You need to be held accountable. They pulled me into the office, David sat me down and asked if I wanted to say anything. I said no it’s on facebook. They say well you are suspended,” says Jason Fisher, Georgia Public Defender.

Fisher says he is legitimately afraid of crossing the line and says his job as a public defender in Ringgold will come to an end on Friday June 12th.

Officials encourage every company to go over their social media policies with employees and even revisit old policies and update them with the times.

“They may have to sit their employees down and explain them to them. They may even have to have them sign off on a waiver.So that they say ‘hey I understand.’So it is understood why. They aren’t trying to take your rights away, they are trying to make sure they are responsible to their customers,” says Ladino Bryson.

Employees are encouraged to ask their employers about their social media policies before they post online.

Officials say The bottom line is that you must be careful when you post something on any social media platform. New laws are in the works to better control social media – and violations could result in job loss –  and legal action.

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