Covid 19 Trends in Tennessee

COVID-19 Patient
Photo: Pixabay License

NASHVILLE (WDEF) – Our leaders say the Covid-19 numbers are going down as they reopen businesses.

Critics say the cases are going up after all the reopenings.

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So which numbers really count?

We’re going to compare the trends as reported by the Department of Health in Tennessee in 3 categories.

Note that these numbers and trends are in conflict with the local numbers in Hamilton County right now. (The state is also counting a lot less cases in Hamilton than the local health department has)

We start with the new daily cases in Tennessee.

The trend shows much lower numbers two weeks ago as we began reopening.  But there is that huge spike on 5/18 warping the trend.

This week, we’ve seen slightly higher numbers that are slowly dropping toward the end of the week.

Now the active number of cases.

This shows more active cases in May than in April.

We saw a drop about a week ago, but it has climbed back up in the last week.

And finally, what could be the most important stat.. people in the hospital.

We certainly have fewer people in the hospital in May than we had in April.  Since then, we see a rollercoaster pattern… after the numbers drop, they seem to bump back up again.  But even with an increase of 38 on Wednesday, we’ve seen far worse over the last month.

In Georgia, Governor Kemp claims that the number of people in hospitals have dropped 38% in May.  But they do not post their numbers over time in charts.