Novo Health Services helps healthcare workers with PPE supplies


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Novo Health services company specializes in providing healthcare linen products and reusable STERILIZED surgical gear to hospitals across the country. 

But as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the halt of all elective surgeries, and a shortage of equipment and supplies, the company was forced to adapt to the immediate needs of hospitals.

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“All of our products are Level 2, Level 3, level 4 any barrier products. We were able to convert a large majority of them over to non sterile, which is the way isolation products come. So, we converted them over to non-sterile products that were able to supplement what was available,” says Jon McGuire, Sr. Vice President.

McGuire says that  most hospitals use disposable Personal Protective equipment, but he hopes they now realize the value in keeping reusable products on hand. 

“We are hopeful that supply chain executives in hospitals see that there really should be a balance between reusables and disposables,” says McGuire.

Novo health services says every reusable hospital gown equals  about 100 disposable ones. 

The company says they will slowly move back to producing more sterile products when surgery schedules resume.

But that the pandemic has taught the company to rethink about their future-  specifically about the types of medical equipment they produce.

“So i think at the end of this we are looking at different avenues to bring revenue into the facility that add value to our customers and hopefully prevent anything like this from happening again,” says McGuire. 

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