TWRA talks about boater safety for summer season


HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn (WDEF) – Memorial Day weekend is this weekend and many people will be getting out of the house and onto the water  for some family fun.

TWRA says Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kick off of summer and they are expecting a large turnout on area lakes and rivers.

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Though the weather forecast doesn’t look too promising this holiday weekend, officials are still anticipating lots of traffic on the waterways. 

“With this kick off we typically see an increase of boating pressure on the water and that could lead to possible accidents,” says Barry Baird , TWRA District Boating officer.

TWRA says they will be out patrolling the water, looking for any signs of danger.

TWRA say the primary things they are looking for when they pull you over is the appropriate registration, safety gear, and the proper amount of life jackets on board.

They say the best way to make sure you have a fun and safe holiday is to know your boat and the waterway – before you get out there.

Officials say if you do bring alcohol onto your boat make sure you have a designated driver.

TWRA says all the waterways and ramps are open so they encourage people to enjoy the water but want to remind people to not only be mindful of boater safety, but also the weather.

“Boating safety starts at home, know your waterway. Know where you are going to be at when you are going out. Check the weather before you go out. Know that if it is going to rain, know what time it may rain. This helps you be more prepared for it,” says Baird. 

Wildlife officials say if you see an unsafe driver or something concerning on the water call 911 or your local sheriff’s office.