Courts are close to resuming in-house proceedings again


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected courtrooms across the country.

News 12 Now’s Taylor Bishop shares how they are working to stay current during this time.

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Inside the Hamilton County Courts Building, hallways and the courtrooms are empty.

With the help of technology virtual hearings with people in-custody are still happening.

“And we are now getting to the point where we can actually explore on a limited basis having some in-person hearings but again being very cognizant of the requirements of distancing.”

The Tennessee Supreme Court suspended in-person court proceedings back in March. This now has caused a growing backlog on some cases.

“ A majority of what we have been doing has been through virtual means because they have involved incarcerated individuals who are being quarantined, in essence, where they are.”

Once courts gradually re-open you expect to have your temperature taken when entering the building and only 10 people will be allowed in the courtroom.

“We’re going to have to have some mechanism in place. So while this continues on I do believe that even in the future that this type of approach will continue to be used and be necessary.”

In Chattanooga, Taylor Bishop News 12 Now.