How Bledsoe County’s Prison is Handling the Covid-19 Crisis


BLEDSOE COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- While a majority of of the inmates at the Bledsoe County Correctional Complex have recovered from Covid-19, family members of inmates and correctional officers are disappointed how the prison has handled the covid-19 crisis.

Family members stood side by side in Nashville Friday, protesting against Tennessee’s prison system during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Jessica, who wishes to keep her last name private is the wife of a correction officer at the Bledsoe County Correctional Complex.

She attended the protest in Nashville.

“At first they were downplaying it but now they’re seeing this is a real thing” Jessica.

Jessica is the mother of five kids. She is also a diabetic.

“Since this virus he has been so scared to go to work. He is disliked everyday he’s been at work because he feels like there is more people could be doing. He is so worried he is going to bring it home to our family.”

“Honestly it’s been chaos” said Vicky Scroggins.

Scroggins’ boyfriend is an inmate at the Bledsoe Prison. He discovered he was positive for the coronavirus on May 1st. She also attended the protest in Nashville.

“We want health care. We want more sanitary conditions. We want nutrition.

The Tennessee Corrections Commissioner Tony Parker says every inmate that tests positive is put in isolation and treated by a medical staff daily.

“Checks their temperature, does a medical assessment of the inmate and that’s really just to make sure that the inmate does not become symptomatic.”

Parker says every officer who test positive is sent home for 14 days of isolation.

580 inmates at the Bledsoe prison have recovered and one person has died.

55 Department of Correction employees have tested positive while 25 have recovered.

The department of correction does offer a public information line for family members where questions will be answered related to Covid-19 updates, response to the virus, and protective measures.

Public information line: 1-866-858-0380