Grundy County authorities investigating rash of drug overdoses this week


ALTAMONT, Tennessee (WDEF) – The Sheriff of Grundy County is asking for the public’s health to figure out what is causing a rash over overdoses in the community.

He reports four suspected O-D’s in the last five days.

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Three of them have been fatal, including another one this morning.

Sheriff Clint Shrum says all of the victims have been young.

While he suspects a bad batch of illicit drugs is the cause, he doesn’t know if it is a single drug or a mixture.

“It’s paramount that we identify what is taking place right now.”

So he is reaching out to the community for tips.

You can anonymously instant message him at the Grundy County Sheriff Facebook page or email at

“When you start dealing with a death about every day, and you suspect that it is an overdose death, especially in a small area, then you know you’ve got more going on than just a random overdose.”