Enviro-Master Says they are a Step Above other Sanitation Companies


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Hygiene and good cleaning is more important than ever as we continue to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

One national company has mastered the art of sanitation.

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The New York Pizza Department is one of many businesses taking advantage of Enviro-Master’s services.

“We’re a commercial hygiene company. We sanitize and disinfect and we’ve been doing this for years” said owner of the East Tennessee Enviro-Master franchise Eric Muschel.

While a business can do the cleaning themselves or hire anyone in the sanitation industry, Enviro-Master believes their services are more valuable than the average cleaning company.

“We’re not a janitorial. We don’t take the place of a janitorial company but quite honestly they don’t do what we do” said Muschel.

Mushal, says the company has conducted countless studies proving that their products are the ultimate bacteria and virus disinfectant.

“Most places don’t use chemicals that we use and cannot use chemicals that we use.”

Those chemicals which were used by an operations manager during Wednesday’s appointment at NYPD, are considered to be food-safe, people-safe and EPA approved.

“This is a particular service we’ve always done in the restroom. After this pandemic, obviously our services has expanded into the front of the house and were perfectly suited to handle that.”

Enviro-Master takes advanced precautions when servicing a business who is dealing with a case of the coronavirus.

“We use the same equipment however you have to gown up. Everybody has to wear a gown. The chemical we use it is approved to kill covid along with 47 other viruses as well. Our moniker is we kill the germs that kill your business.”

If you’re a business, organization or institution looking to take your sanitation to the next level, check out the information below.

Link: http://Enviro-master.com

Number: 423-362-7067