Chattanooga Freedom Rally


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – It’s no secret that the Coronavirus has greatly affected a number of people’s lives.

All around the country people are gathering for Freedom Rallies to protest the extensions of stay at home orders.

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Today, protesters filled the Market Street Bridge to let their voices to heard.

David Cardone says, “We will not submit to communism or socialism. We will reopen America. We will not accept a forced depression. Reopen your businesses. America is back! America is back!”

With signs, car paint and American flags, people from all over the Tennessee Valley met on the John Ross Bridge to protest.

Organizers of the rally are afraid that the city may never recover.

The Chattanooga Freedom Rally Organizer says, “We did not become the freest nation in the world to become the ones with the least amount of freedoms and we feel like they are being taken away and its having a monumental impact people’s financial lives, their mental health, their spiritual health. We need to get life back to normal and we need to do it quickly.”

One protester believes that the stay at home orders is a violation of the 1st Amendment.

“I am essential, you are essential and freedom, in this country, is essential 100%. And I along with all the people here today, 100 percent believe that that’s what we are here to fight for, our freedoms”, says Louise Milleman.

Chattanooga Freedom Rally organizer Brandon Lewis has strong words about the new city and state regulations.

He says, “people need to disobey these ordinances if they are not reasonable and if they are not just.”

As of April 18th, Mayor Berke has signed an executive order allowing churches to have drive in services.