Fort Oglethorpe Following the Storm


FORT OGLETHORPE, Ga. (WDEF)- The Fort Oglethorpe community is working to get back on their feet following Sunday’s tornadoes.

With several homes and businesses damage, the rebuilding stage is in full effect.
A fallen steeple tells the story of the trauma that took place as a tornado touchdown in Georgia Easter Sunday.
“I’ve never been in a devastation like this” said Fort Oglethorpe resident Olean Holliday.
The McDonald’s on Battlefield parkway is now boarded up while the plaza across the street is unsalvageable.
Thursday, members of the Fort Oglethorpe community are lending a hand, removing trees and debris from neighbors yard while laying tarps on roofs.
“Just trying to get the home owner back to a livable state” said John Turner from Isaac Construction.
This crew from Isaac Construction is making the most of their 24 hours.
“We’ve worked for about 12-16 hour days since the tragedy happened over here” said Turner.
Olean Holliday, her daughter and great granddaughter, are still in shock from witnessing a tree falling through their house, “I don’t know we just panicked. We didn’t know what to do. We couldn’t get out, couldn’t get in.”
A tree that fell through Holliday’s roof was inches away from her head. Its an experience that she’s never felt before.
“The only thing that saved it was a top branch that caught on the roof and stopped it from coming on in.”
But Olean believes what really saved her, was a higher power, “It could have been a lot worst but but God had his hand on us.”
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