Catoosa County Services Assisting Residents Impacted By Severe Weather


Ringgold, GA (WDEF) – High winds and tornadoes Sunday night damaged or destroyed about 70 residential buildings in Catoosa County. Most of the damage was in the Fort Oglethorpe and Morris Estates communities according to 911/Emergency Management Director Steve Quinn.

Assessments are underway to determine the damage to a number of commercial buildings. Flooding has also closed some roads, most notably in the Five Points area of Ringgold, the Wood Station and Graysville communities and Industrial Boulevard.

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Public work crews are working with first responders to clear numerous trees that have fallen on roadways and power lines and reduce the impact of flooding in roadways.

“There is a lot of flooding in areas that we haven’t before seen impacted like this,” said Public Works Director Buster Brown. “Our employees have been on the job since Sunday night working with Fort Oglethorpe and utility crews to clear roads and untangle wires from fallen trees.”

Public Works crews will provide curbside storm debris pickup for people who live in the Morris Estates area. The cities of Fort Oglethorpe and Ringgold will provide curbside storm debris pickup within their city limits.