Chattanooga Fire Department Update on Rescue and Recovery Efforts

Grace Baptist Elementary Sign
Grace Baptist Elementary Sign

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Chattanooga Fire Department continues to respond to the hardest hit areas of the city following the recent round of severe weather. Most of the damage reports came in around midnight and the destruction is widespread.

There were approximately 17 injuries, the majority of which were trauma-related, and 150 structures were damaged, both residential and commercial.

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Currently, East Brainerd is the area of focus. Active power lines are still down, so officials ask people to please stay off impacted streets.

Right now, the department is moving from a rescue phase into the recovery phase and damage assessment phase to determine if there’s anyone else still in need.

Additional resources from across the state have been brought in to assist our crews, including Strike Teams from Knoxville and Upper Cumberland.

First responders are carefully working their way through each neighborhood.

The department has assigned teams to go to specific areas to do detailed searches and evaluations of the aftermath. They are planning for a prolonged 72-hour operation, working closely with all of our partner agencies, including Chattanooga PD.

“Historically, all of these departments and agencies have worked well together. We continue to build on that leadership and those experiences to provide the best response we can,” said Fire Chief Phil Hyman.