Humane Society starting a Pet Pantry to help pet owners


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – The Humane Education Society’s thrift store on Highway 58 is closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic but HES isn’t allowing this space to go unused. 

The store is now being converted into an Emergency Relief Pet Pantry.

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Director of Fundraising and Special Events for the Humane Society says the pet pantry is here to help pet owners in need.

 “ A lot of people have lost their job and they may not be able to purchase pet food but we do know that those pets are in loving homes and we want them to be able to stay there. We don’t want anyone to have to make the decision to surrender their dog here, especially because pets are kind of our comfort in times like these.We just don’t want anyone to have to make that decision,” says Taylor Hixson, Director of Fundraising and Special events for HES.

The pet pantry is open for donations on Tuesdays and Fridays and food pick up will be available on Wednesdays and Saturday starting April 14th.

Officials say if you wish to get something from the pet pantry you should call them first so they can help assist you with the correct supplies. 

“If you need food assistance, you will call us. You will talk to one of our staff members , tell us about how many cats and dogs you have. From that information they will be able to prepare the right amount of food for you.They will set up a time for you to come pick it up,” says Hixson.

To keep up social distancing practices, When you arrive at the pantry, you will stay in your car and a staff member will load the food for you.

The Humane society is still open and is using phone calls to connect people with fostering opportunities and adoptions.

“Since we are kind of match making over the phone right now, instead of having people come in. Those fosters really help get us the right information to adopters so we can kind of tell them what to expect from that animal,” says Hixson.