Theft suspects also charged with Safer at home violation in Cleveland


CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF) – Cleveland Police have cited two theft suspects with violating the shelter in place order.

Early this morning, officers checked out motorcycles parked behind the Target.

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When they arrived, they found two men strapping down a pair of motorcycles on a trailer hooked to a Ford pickup.

They discovered the pickup was stolen.

And Dustin Lemons had an active felony warrant for theft.

They contacted the owner of the bikes who said they didn’t know they had been stolen.

The officers say they also found drug paraphernalia.

Aaron Patterson and Dustin Lemons were charged with three counts of motor vehicle thefts, drug paraphernalia and General Emergency Provision (violating the at home order).

Cleveland officials say the order violation is a misdemeanor.

They are not citing individuals for just that now, but they will add it to other, more serious criminal violations.