The Salvation Army is Now Delivering to the Homeless


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The Salvation Army continues to lend a helping hand to many communities, especially those who are homeless.


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Now in the age of social distancing, they are taking their services on the road.


Workers loaded a Salvation Army food truck to send off for delivery.


Those in need typically would have to walk for miles just receive a meal.


“So the Salvation is going into our un-housed neighbors’ communities to help them with social distancing, so they don’t have to congregate to receive needs” said Salvation Army’s Director of Communications Kimberly George.

“I think it goes a long way for them to not have to come all the way out here because we go Rossville all the way to Signal Mountain and Redbank” said Community Center Coordinator Drew Offutt.


Thanks to the partnership of the Community Kitchen, around 200 meals will be served today along with other essential items.

“I’m also providing things like backpacks, blankets, flashlights, first aid supplies, and other stuff that’s needed” said Offutt.


These offerings are more than just a kind gesture to the homeless community.


“I appreciate a lot of things that Salvation Army is doing for the community because a lot of people ain’t got a lot of things to buy food or clothing or none of that so if they are doing out of a good heart that’s great” said Demetrus Love who is currently displaced.


The Salvation Army says they’re also providing hope.


“With the situation that’s going on right now with this virus. With the clothes, food, water, the lord blesses us everyday because the Salvation Army” said Theral Hatchett who is displaced.


The Salvation Army made six different stops on Tuesday and will continue to use delivery services going forward.