Home schooling during the Coronavirus pandemic


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Elementary school students and their parents are doing the best they can with this cornavirus pandemic.

The kids have traded classrooms, for their own homes.

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But parents, and teachers are trying to make sure they are still learning, even during these difficult times.

Julia Bates is a parent with a student at East Brainerd Elementary School.

“Being at home, and I am concerned. Will this reset him to where he was concerned or afraid to be without me, since he’s been with me every day all day. So those are some challenges that I’m faced with and concerned with.”

Many are concerned with this online learning, and making the adjustment.

Shelia Smith is a Counselor at Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe High School.

“Some ways we are all struggling with reverting and finding that schedule and it’s a struggle to keep them on task. I think we all have to be more aware that there’s a new normal, and we have to consider Grace over grade.”

Students do get to see their teachers during online lessons, and that is helping things seem a bit more normal.

Kelly Munson is a 2nd grade teacher at Lakeside Academy.

She wants kids to just do the best they can.

“We all know that this is something very different than we’ve ever done before. And we all know that the parents themselves are trying very hard. And so long as they just keep trying, that’s all we can ask for.”