Hardware Stores’ Alternate Business Practices


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)-Hardware stores made the essential list and now they’re creating a safer environment for their customers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Where you would typically see a lot of lawn and garden displays, we’ve opened up a lot of those displays and moved those outside so people have more room to shop” said Director of Marketing John Rutter.

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Shoppers at Home Depot say they appreciate the hardware industry staying open.

“I found myself with more free time than I anticipated, so trying to do small stuff like grow a garden at home and being able to pick up all supplies at Home Depot is amazing” said shopper Bryan Affolter.

“There are important things we have to get done even though we have a pandemic. It’s important for our daily lives and work” said  shopper Myke Johnson.

“It’s a difficult time when you’ve got folks who need to fix things so it’s great that home drop is not shut down” said shopper Chris Rappour.

With customer limits, distance markers, extensive cleaning and more, shoppers feel secure being inside these stores.

“There’s not a lot of people in the store so contact us minimum” said Johnson.

“We keep our mask on and our gloves and do the best we can. Does the mask give you a sense of security or do you really feel like it’s helping you? I feel like it may help us so I just put it on and be sure” said shopper Tim Keith.

“I saw a good number of masks. Personally I would like to see more people wearing masks” said Affolter.

Home Depot is also cutting non essential sales to limit the number of customers in store.

The Lowe’s on Gunbarrel is changing their business practices also.

Employees are required to wear mask. There is distance markers and flexi barriers around the store.

A customer count is issued and cleaning is extensive.

Curb side pick up will be used but all sales are staying the same from this point on.