Mark Cole Painting and Repair


Address: 104 S. Howell Ave.
Chattanooga, TN 37411

Hours: By appointment

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Services Offered:
Other Services: Securing your home with repairs, lock changes, cleaning and painting surfaces

Phone Number for Delivery or Pickup:
(423) 227-2600

Website for Purchasing Gift Card:

Additional Details: We clean windows and home exteriors. We can repair many problems around your property. We won’t just paint over existing damage, we’ll spot it and correct it first. If you have rooms that need to be cleaned and re-painted we can work with you. We are a small family owned company and there will never be more than two people on your property. (Myself and one of my adult children at the most.) We will treat your property with care and help restore your peace of mind about it during this time. The best way to reach us is by text or phone call.